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France, Monaco & Itlay. 2001.

Cote D'Azure |

My trip along La Cote D’Azur was 5 years ago, so unfortunately it’s hard for me to remember all the details. What I do remember quite vividly though, were the astounding views. It was like nothing I’d ever seen in my entire life. I was in a bus while winding around the mountains of southern France when I first saw the village of Eze right smack on top of the peak of a mountain right on the waters edge. It was almost unbelievable. Yet, somehow I managed to get up there and see it all from another perspective. The roads on the cliff side were so narrow and the bus was so close to the edge of just rolling over the mountain that everyone was quite nauseous. When we finally got off and took a look at the village of Eze it was all worth it.

Eze was so old. All of the ‘buildings’ were made of stone and didn’t really have floors.. just stone and dirt that was swept daily from what I can remember. It was like a labyrinth. Everyone was walking in and out of random doorways which led to small unique shops. The village of Eze was like nothing I’ve ever seen. You could tell that nothing was planned before it was built. I don’t think the walls were straight; the paths were all kind of windy and on angles. But it was old and genuine. I felt like I was experiencing a real piece of history with the best view imaginable. I don’t know if anyone really lives in the village of Eze anymore. I don’t remember seeing anything in terms of food sources and such. I think it’s been converted to a tourist attraction overall. Definitely make the time to go!

Locations Visited: Eze

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