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Yosemite National Park 2007

A Day of Relaxation |

What a night sleep I had last night. After taking some ibuprofen, I crashed from 8pm until 7:30 am. I got up to answer nature's call once and other than that, I don't think I woke up again.

We stayed at lake vernon again today. Too tired to go anywhere, but amazingly we didn't feel too sore. After cleaning up from breakfast, we went to get some more water, wash our clothes and to find a good fishing spot. On our way to the lake (our campsite last night was about .5 miles away) we found a better site. We went back, broke camp and moved.

The new site seems pretty cool. its only about 200 feet from the lake (which is freezing cold) and we found a sand patch amongst the glaciated granite to pitch our tent.

After we set up our new camp, we broke out the fishing poles and started casting. unfortunately, even after three hours we didn't get a bite. In fact, even though we moved to different spots, we never even saw a fish.

After fishing we set up our gear and cooked a hot lunch. We didn't eat a hot dinner last night so we decided for the sake of getting rid of weight to cook a proper meal. We had BBQ Chicken and rice (backpacker's pantry) which sounded great in the store. I literally had to force it down. We were at pretty high elevation and maybe I was a little sick from the altitude. I was already feeling dizzy before lunch. I'm not sure if it was the altitude, dehydration, or genereal exhaustion, but no sooner than I finished my last bite, I had to sprint away from the campsite to throw up.

I tried to take a nap after that but it was too hot in the tent. It's amazing how hot the sun is in the mountains. I moved to the shade with my camping chair and watched the first clouds I'd seen all trip. I guess outside of san fran that is.

Bottom line is that after the rest, I felt much better, I have been drinking lots of water to combat any further ill feelings. Its about 6:15 right now meaning we've got about an hour before the sun sets behind the mountains, so I'm going to get started on our next meal. All comfort foods; mashed potatoes, pb, cheese, taco shells and apple cobbler. YUM. More Later...

Well, Kinda got drunk last night and didn't feel like finishing yesterday's entry last night. Anyway, Chris and I had a great time drinking johnnie walker and watching the stars which were pretty cool. Also, that deer is still stalking us. It was in and around our camp until at leat midnight.

Oh yeah, since neither of us were hungry for dinner, we only ended up eating pb and cheese. so much for lightening our packs. We've also come up with a great system for doing dishes. It's called the dirty guy and the clean guy. we're definitely fighting over who gets to be the clean guy (the one whose job it is to hold the water bottle and not to scrub the food off the dishes).

Locations Visited: Mather

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