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Andrew and Si go to Glastonbury

How much mud? |

I don't know if they showed Glastonbury on the news over there, but it was definitely newsworthy. In a word.....MUD!

I've attached some pics so you can see the damage, but for even more, go to and check out the gallery, in 2005 review, it's AWESOME!

Just so ya know, I saw all these guys -

Day 1 -
The Undertones (6.5/10)
John Butler Trio (9.5/10) These guys are machines
The Editors (7.5/10) I think they're kinda like Interpol, but I can't really remember
The Zutons (8/10) pretty cool really
Elvis Costello (6.5/10) kinda good but kinda dull too
Doves (8/10) didn't quite get the mix right
The Killers (9.5/10) very cool live
The White Stripes (9.5/10) had heard they were bad live but they're wicked! Meg can't play drums but Jack's a genius!

Day 2 -
Hayseed Dixie (6/10) american backwater freaks doing ac/dc etc with banjoes! cool for about the first three songs, then just boring.
Mad Staring Eyes (7/10) winners of the glastonbury unsigned band competition, not bad.
Morning Runner (7.5/10) these guys are worth checking out if you get a chance. Pretty good really.
Kaiser Chiefs (7.5/10) they deserve better than this but I really hate that song "every day I love you less and less".
Ash (8/10) as I suspected, good.
The Coral (7/10) catchy enough but kinda lacking guts.
Interpol (9/10) what else can I say?
Kasabian (8/10) mass commercial appeal, cool light show. A fun show to watch but not exactly deep.
Coldplay (9/10) it's hard not to be impressed with 120,000 people singing along.

Day 3 -
Sek Loso (8.5/10) Ash recommended these guys and they didn't disappoint! Asian bloke on guitar/vocals, really good.
Brendan Benson - cant remember, hadn't had Red Bull yet.
Thirteen Senses - as above.
Cake (7/10) was expecting a lot and was kinda dissapointed.
Dresden Dolls (10/10) if you buy one cd this year, this should be it! Duo, piano/drums. HUGE!
Brian Wilson (9/10) very cool and a really hot chick in the band too!
Van Morrison (6/10) dull.
Garbage (7.5/10) going through the motions.
Primal Scream (8/10) the singer's an idiot
Ryan Adams (8/10) good tunes, but he's an idiot too!
Basement Jaxx (8.5/10) Best light show of the festival. 100,000 people singing "where's your head at" sounds pretty cool too.

Locations Visited: Glastonbury

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