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Trip of a lifetime

Melbourne (pronounced Mel-Bun) |

Arrived in Melbourne at 12 midnight, after a 2 hour delay in Fiji. Met Uncle Michael and ventured outside to the car. Remember that we had just left Fiji in 25 degrees so flip flops and t-shirts were in situ. The doors opened and the shivering started! It may be a cool 15 degrees during the day but at night obviously it drops quite a way! So a short ride to Williamstown and we rolled straight into bed. You don't realise just how much you miss a comfortable bed, a room shared with no one else and therefore no one coming in at silly o'clock and turning the light on. Heaven!
After a good night's sleep, I awoke to an unfamiliar sound. The sounds of a family getting ready to go to work/school. It was like being at home! Unfortunately, living in a home, with a family, it's too easy to fall into a lazy routine! Late mornings (or no mornings!!), someone cooking for you and good company all of the time (instead of being stuck with just Julie! Lol). So Uncle Michael, we thank you for this welcomed break of luxury. It was muchly muchly appreciated and if anyone is looking for a B&B in Williamstown, I have the address! Just Kidding!!!
So one day we ventured into the city, had a look around the sights of Melbourne, Federation Square, Bridge Road, Collins Street etc. Another day, we looked after Caitlin, who took us to the park and as you can see from the pictures, Julie enjoyed that lots!
Then, over the Queen's Birthday long weekend (why don't we get this day off in England??!) we went to Philip Island and saw little penguins on their trek up the beach (no pics sorry, flashes blind them), koalas sleeping their days away in a koala park, fed baby goats and sheep at Churchill Island Farm and watched the pelicans being fed in San Remo.
We also had a birthday party for Julie, as on her actual birthday, she'll only have me for company! So we made use of the relatives and had fish and chips followed by chocolate (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) birthday cake and then watched England's first (attempt at a) match. What a party!
But, even though we had a really fantastic time with Michael, Heather, Jack and Caitlin, it was time to move on.
So last night we boarded the overnight Greyhound bus to Canberra, which is absolutely freezing!! About -1 degrees at the moment! Lovely!
We're off again this afternoon to Sydney so we'll hopefully warm up a bit and will keep you updated along the way!
xxx L & J

Locations Visited: Williamstown, Cowes, Rhyll, San Remo, Williamstown, Canberra

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