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Eventually she did fall |

All evolves and all will pass.

I've spent two months on meeting this girl secretly ever time her boyfriend was away. When one of my best friends here decides to go back to Spain and leave, she decides I can't go home alone that night. She comes with me to sing me a lullaby she says. We start making out on my bed and cloth pieces go out one by one. She takes of my underwear.. Hey! what are you doing? Don't worry she replies. Just don't touch me, whatever you do don't touch me, because then I would fuck you, I can't stop then and I don't want that.
Well, she has a boyfriend for 6 years now, so I kinda respect her choice and think she should make the moves here. She kisses down there and then starts tingling with her tongue all over my top and down. Just before I come she stops and says she has to really go home now to her boyfriend. What?!?! Are you serious? 1, 2, off she goes.

Only one week later we have went out the entire night. She saw me dancing with other girls and then walks me home. Finally she helps herself out her pants this time, and her panties. She blows me softly and caresses greatly with her tongue my most sensitive parts, fuck this. I don't want her to get me to turned on with no road in me left ro run with her. In dizzyness of half drunkenness and sex we commence what we've put ahead so much time. I'm almost to big for her, she is a small girl you see,
god I love that. And I enter her slowly. She's so tight I feel my entire being is in her core now. I feel with her rhythm and slowly we thrive on one another. The animal kinda takes over as she is wet enough to take it and I'm basically taking her till the point she goes, you want to kill me? What you came already? She shoes me two fingers. She wants a break. 1.. 2.. fuck this, last run. She reaches her third quite fast too, just two meters before my finish and I fall with my orgasm into hers.

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