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Aaah the Foz. Aka Iguazu Falls. Stunning. Beautiful. Unfortunately, there really isn´t much to say about them because you have to see them and even then all you can really say is that they´re mind-blowing and beautiful. Couldn´t really write a book on them.

But easily the most difficult time in my trip, and the few days before that, cos of everything happening back home. =( Sad times.

But still there were good times and funny times and just plain weird times!!

Firstly, one of the girls I´d travelled up from BA with, Ellie, claimed that she was cursed by a man in Thailand and ever since she has been an ´unlucky sister´. hehehe, she blamed everything on her unlucky sisterness.

A thought of the day - how do donkey and horses and other creatures of the four-legged variety manage to look after the placement of all four legs at the one time??! Many donkeys carry so much weight up these mountains of rocks and yet somehow manage to stay upright! It blows my mind. It is a ´tough gig´ as Bonnie put it.

Oh I almost forgot!!! I met another girl named Fanny! Teehee...

Bonnie and I went on this supercoolshithot boat trip that took us right into the water falls. Lots of squeals and we got soaked!!!

Bonnie and I took about three million photos of ourselves on the bus on the way back . The couple behind us tried to stifle their giggles but we were too clever for them.

We tried to get a bus from Foz to Rio but found out that it was EXPENSIVE!! Because we were staying in this ´let´s-try-to-rip-our-guests-off-as-much-as-possible´ hostel, we thought that we´d try to organise it ourselves from Brazil rather than in Argentina but ended up paying about three times more for a bus that was half as good. Damn damn damn damn. But, had we not caught that bus, we never would have had the experience of a revolting woman sitting behind us (she was spitting and hacking up phlegm) and seen the woman up front who had this teeny tiny little dog about the size of my fist and kept it stuffed down her top. Weeeeeird.... but kinda cute in a way. A weird way.

Locations Visited: Iguazu

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