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Last Days in Shanghai

CJW gig is over, but still having a ball with new-found friends! |

Today, I'm on my way to Beijing to join Li Yang for five days at his Crazy English Camp.

My last two days in Shanghai have been loads of fun! On Saturday night, after work, I went to Park 97, where Wink Pettis and Darryl sing pop songs twice a week. We hung out until sun-up! Wink joined me the night before at CJW, where we tore up the Blues, with OOOOOOh, Baby! His girl, Apple, was shining!

On Sunday, I dined at Malone's with my wonderful friends, Carl Hill, Richard Wu and his girl, Daphne, Dan Benefield, Miss Sandra Kaye (mmmmmmmwwwwwa) and her friend, Erin, who gave me my stamp!!!

Later, at the Bund Center, they joined me for my swan song. When they left, I had more fun with a lovely couple - Nadine and Paul Hiles from Toronto and London, respectively, and with Fred and Kirsten from Hong Kong and Jennifer and Jeffrey, who lived in Johannesburg for three years, but now reside in Shanghai.

The music ended on an upbeat with my song TREAT ME RIGHT AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO MARRY ME.

Much love to Carol, Mark, Eric, Kevin and Ming!
It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!!!!

In my next journal, I will display photos of the CJW staff who showed me much love!

Locations Visited: Shanghai

You go girl!!!! I should have known that you would be somewhere living la vida loca! I told you that you weren't done performaning yet...when will they ever learn to listen to me?! You look great though...have a ball for me too! LOL Juicy
Posted by: Aretta Davis on 21 Aug 2006

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