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My my my.
Well...The moish meister and I picked our backpacks (well backpack in my case, a small school bag with a tooth brush and 2 sets of underwear in the Moish case) and hurried to Gatwick for a very unusual flight. The destination is quite a normal one but as Israelis, both me and Moish could never have imagined that we'll board a QATAR airways flight to Bangkok via Doha (the capital of Qatar). Our pilot, Mustafa abu-Khalifa, didn't ease our fears with a roller coaster like driving...Also, it was quite freaky to see all the security people in Doha, dressed with Dish Dashes (Galabiya for you Israelis...), head scarves (Kafiya) and mini Uzis (made in ISRAEL). Moish decided that it would extend our life expectancy if we actually spoke English instead of Hebrew. Hmm. I wonder why...
ANYWAY, we arrived to Bangkok on a hot Saturday afternoon and rushed to the Israeli Connection on the Khao san road to re unite with Saray who arrived from Israel a couple of days earlier.
After we've got settled in a small guest house we completed all the necessary arrangements for our flight to Surat Thani in southern Thailand on our way to Koh Phangan...Yeah baby...
Later that night we drifted toward the Phat Pong market which is known for its bargains - shirts, shorts, watches, DVDs, sun glasses, etc. While we were there the guys have reminded me that when in Rome... so we started exploring some traditional Thai shows involving some ping pong balls, razors, darts and new approach to bottle opening. Very interesting!
We returned to the Khao san road to rejoice our reunion in the Gulliver bar. I will probably stop elaborating here because my mom is probably reading this as well! (hey mom, don't worry. Nothing happened. And whatever didn't happen I had a condom on anyway...)
KAPUNKAP and Layla tov.

Locations Visited: London, Doha, Bangkok Metropolis

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