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Backpacking Europe Fall 2006

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I started off coming over to Sweden, on September 6, with a base place at Meg's. She has been in Sweden playing soccer and it has been a great opportunity to stay with her. Her team has welcomed me from the beginning and I have had so many great days so far. Duck feeding (Wednesday), boop, numb numbs, karaoke, bike rides, moose moose moose, apple soccer, night walks, sexy back, day trip to vaxjo, football games...the list goes on. I was surprised how much was like America in the small town of Amhult. The little town is the home of IKEA and basically survives off the success of it. The hug blue building with yellow wording was where i bought my furniture for my first apartment in Hoboken. I never really thought about it that much. Now it screams Swedish pride at me. Everyone and their mother works for some part of IKEA and lucky for me it means they know English due to the international success. The things I really love about my experiences in Sweden so far are; the sky (it's seems to always be picture perfect), bike riding (it plays a major role in their transportation, everyone from business woman to old men ride their bikes), the quiet (i don't think i've heard a horn since i've been here, maybe megs bike bell), and of coarse the dairy products (cheese, milk, and most importantly chocolate. it's so rich and pure). I am luck to have the opportunity to stay here for so many days, but I can’t wait to start traveling. NEXT STOP COPENHAGEN THEN LONDON!!!

Locations Visited: Almhult, Vaxjo

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