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South East Asia 2006

Riverboat To Battambang |

This was an expensive trip but I'm glad we did it. The riverboat went from the river near Siem Reap into the Tonle Sap [the big lake in the middle of Cambodia that was the major source of success of the Khmer Empire] and out down to Battambang along the Sangker river.

Unfortunately we were done over and had to sit inside the boat and not on the roof. It was hot and sticky and very conducive to sleeping and getting a bad neck. I did however manager to catch some photos of the people who live by the river and their houses and means of transport. Everything they have is on a floating house, or in some cases people just have a boat which houses everything for them. The crazy thing is tho there are still restaurants and cafes to stop at along the way and its almost like being on the highway.

We got into battambang late afternoon and checked in at a rather nice guesthouse/hotel for $2 each. We had our own bathroom, cieling fan and cable TV. So we decided to chill out that evening after we'd grabbed a bite to eat downtown. I had morning glory - well I had to just to see what it was. As it happens its a sort of asparagus tasting and textured but spring onion shaped vegetable which they friend up with a shed load of garlic and I had with boiled rice.

Then it was an early night for our early start to Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia the next morning.

Locations Visited: Battambang

Battambang? Isn't that some kind of cake? ;) Great, GREAT photos Andy - I can see you're looking nice n beardy already - I challenge you to go without shaving until the next time I see you. The photos really help me understand everything you're on about, and some of them are really beautiful, especially at the temples. You've had over 400 journal views since you left, by the way! :D
Posted by: Daniel Waters on 11 Aug 2006

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