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This trip was very last minute a week before we left Alli and I were having lunch and decided we wanted to go somewhere and Budapest was cheap and looked like fun.
Our flight was at stupid oclock in the morning so we sat up drinking until we could get the last tube at 12:30am and then started our long journey to the airport.
We got to the station and grabbed a quick couple of bevvies to keep us happy on the way there. hmmm little did we realise (both being blonde) that we had brought breezers which you need a bottle opener clerly not letting our drinks go to waste we put our heads together and decided to use the train window as a bottle opener and it WORKED A CHARM. Travelling really does make you resourceful! haha
We got to the airport and it was still about 5hours until our flight so we curled ourselves up in our jackets and found a quiet place on the floor and slept for a couple of hours.
As we were flying over Budapest it was gorgeous the sun was out and most things below us were covered in white snow.
We got off the plane and OH MY GOD IT WAS FREEZING -16 NOT COOL!!! We went straight to our transport which dropped us at our hostel.
We were both hungry since we had been awake for ages and headed off to find some HUNGARIAN food. We had a lovely meal and decided to have a couple of Vodka shots before we went walking around the town just to warm ourselves up.
We went on a bus tour through old and new budapest which was great. Most of the time Alli and I were laughing and not paying that much attention coz our tour man was just so easy to laugh at but we did actually coz we actually learn alot about the culture ect.
We had been freezing all day even though we had been stopping and having quick vodka shots without the tour guide knowing.
As soon as the tour was over we headed to the hot spa's which is what Budapest is known for. There were 3 huge spa's about 50meters long and wide. They were all set at diffrent temp's depending on how hot some people can handle. We spent about 4hours in those and by the time we came out we were like prunes but it was worth it apart from the fact it was now about -21 outside.
We headed to a bar/pub and got a meal and a couple of drinks before heading back to the hostel. All up we had been awake for about 41hours so a soon as the light went out we were gone.
Then next day we spent just going through the markets, taking photo's and speaking German istead of English which was hilarious because its the next country over they understand that better than english.
We headed back to the airport late afternoon and slept on the plane knowing that it was a big night ahead of us as it was "AUSTRALIA DAY" back home.

Locations Visited: Budapest

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