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Holidaying with my parents- 2005

The Peppercombe Valley |

After returning from a month of digging in the Orkneys my girlfriend and I travelled down to Devon for a romantic getaway... with my parents.

Each year my parents rent a nice property somewhere in the English countryside and each year I invite myself along and this year they procured a Landmark Trust site.

For those of you not familiar with the Landmark Trust they are a charity that protect interesting buildings that have note been scheduled by the Royal Commission for Ancient and Historic Monuments or bouhgt by the National Trust. To fund their opperations the Landmark Trust hire out parts of their properties as holiday cottages.

Situated within the Peppercombe Valley, a section of coastline owned by the National Trust, Peppercombe Castle resides, staring out upon the Bristol Channel. The 'castle' is actually a cluster of ruined industrial buildings hidden within dense woodland. We were staying in a pre-fabricated hut placed there in the 1930s (i think). The hut had one (fairly small) living and dining area, a tiny kitchen, cosy bathroom and good-sized master bedroom. We were sleeping in the small second bedroom, in bunks.

The hut itself, while having a certain rustic charm, was by no means a place you would be desparate to spend the summer in. However the views from the veranda were sublime. The Peppercombe Valley is inaccessible to cars unless you had the key to the gate (which we did), therefore the adjacent beach was almost ours exclusively bar some determined walkers.

In this blissful solitude we were free to relax and worry about nothing (especially not the dissertaion I was due to present in a months time and had not yet started). We spent our days walking along the picturesque coastline, or on the beach; in the evenings we hunted out delicious pub-grub and tasty ales. Lots of tasty ales.

Locations Visited: Bideford

Nice work on your journals. The UK is looking particularly well covered. Time to leave the island and head East?!
Posted by: Calan Horsman on 07 Nov 2005

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