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Righty ho, so here begins my travel journal dudes:) For those of you who don't know much about my trip, basically I'm going travelling to South America, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia in the next four months with my 'coolio' friend Thomas Reed:). Our trip will start from the UK and so I begin my journal...

Left Hong Kong with Andy yesterday and am now back in the UK. Arrived majorly early at twenty past 5 in the morning then made our way to Leicester where I now find myself comfortably seated at Andy's Dad's laptop typing this:)

Was able to test drive using my bag and wearing my boots for my journey over to the UK which was good. My bag is absolutely massive at the moment and was really hard to carry argh! Not a good start hehe but should be a lot better once I take out all the stuff that Andy had me carry for him:)My boots are fine as well haven't had any problems with them but feel like a bit of a retard walking around everywhere in them hehe.

So anyways yes no really interesting details as of yet being in the preparation stages for travelling and all. Went into town with Andy to buy some things that I wasn't able to find in the HK. Managed to fit in a quick stop in Primark hehe:) where I bought a couple of tshirts and stuff for travelling. Brought lots with me but realised how skanky everything I've brought looks so thought I should probably get a few respectable items of clothing to wear.

Regarding the actual trip, leaving on Thursday the 26th of January. Before then I'll be faffing about in England.. well actually I have lots to do, main thing being my trip up to Durham on Monday the 23rd to pick up my tickets from STA travel. Other than that not much really until I arrive in Buenos Aires!

Locations Visited: London, Leicester

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