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2006 Summer Holiday in Europe

3 days in Paris |

Amazing city to visit! It was hot and dry in the summer.

A tip to share on the daily public transport card: Only buy zone 1-2 instead of zone 1-5 as lots of tourist places are located in zone1-2. Buy separately bus ticket from airport to city centre. It will save you lots of money.

We visited Les Invalides, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Musee du Louvre, Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris, Opera National de Paris, Sacre-Oeur de Montmartre and etc.

After a long walk, we took a rest at a garden not far from Eiffel Tower. We laid down on the grass and took a nap as most of the tourist also did that. Laying down and looking at Eiffel tower was really relaxing.

After visiting Moulin Rouge, we went to Sacre-Oeur de Montmartre at night located not far from our hostel. It was on the hill. We climbed up the stairs by carrying stroller and we were very exhausted. But when we reached the top, windy wind blew on our faces made us feel so relax and comfortable. From here, we visited the grand church and viewed night scenery on the hill. From here, we could also see Eiffel tower and Paris night view.

We had a great time in Paris.

Locations Visited: Paris

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