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Trip of a lifetime

On the Road |

Oh another early start this morning! What I wouldn't give for a lie in! So all packed and ready to go, we boarded the Stray bus and set off on our tour of North and South island. Stray is a bus company that runs a hop on/hop off bus tour around NZ, so if you decide you like a place then you can stay there and wait for the next bus to come down your way. But as me and Julie only have 11 days to do both islands then we are sticking with this one bus and driver through the tour. The only thing that will change will be the scenery and the company on the bus.
So yesterday we stayed in a place called Hahei (pronounced ha-hey) which is near a Hot Water Beach. That is a beach that you dig a hole in the wet sand and it fills with hot water from the underground geysers, in other words, it's a natural hot tub! Unfortunately we didn't get to go because it was the wrong tide, but Hahei is home to a beautiful cove called Cathedral Cove, another natural wonder. Today we drove over to the other side of North Island to Raglan which is the surf capital of the world. The weather so far is really changeable, one minute beautiful sun, the next, pouring rain! But it's still really really cold even if the sun is out. Really not looking forward to the South Island because it's going to be even colder! Apparently it's snowing in some parts!
Anyway, it's time for a shower and dinner so enjoy the pics!
xx L & J xx

Locations Visited: Hahei, Raglan

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