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Being a DUMB-ASS |

I woke up so happy after finally sharing this experience with that girl. I walk, not even hang over smiling over the market place. I text the girl saying I'm near her place and wonder how she is doing and ask about how's she's feeling. She replies she had a beautiful time yesterday but woke up next to the man she loves. Her boyfriend. She went home yesterday after. That kinda hit me. All of a sudden I'm thinking, what the fuck am I doing in this town anyway. What's up with that?

I walk through the rain for an hour maybe just feeling alone again.

When I'm later that afternoon in the video store I meet up with a friend of a friend who advises me to just go out and have a glass. I go to my flat mates bar and get invited for a beer. One beer become two and then another friend texts me whether we go to Garage for another drink. ok.

In the garage we see these kinda young girls but kinda cute anyway. But there pretty drunk, at this time so are we. We talk, and she come really close to my ear and her voice tickles in mine as I speak into hers. Soon after they get thrown out for being 18.
Im in a mood of, I want what I want and I am going to get it. Outside they invite us to come with them to some other place. I stare at her, grab her belt, pull her towards me and we kiss. Hot.

We continue the running and kissing game up to a friends house where we crash making out on the sofa. She asks me if I want to go somewhere private. Outside or bathroom? Bathroom. We go in, rip our clothes of, she's got a great 18 year old body. Get the condom on and fuck. We get under the shower where I sit down and she rides the fuck out of me. That just topped it. I come prematurely. Well, let's just get another condom. She goes out and gets one. I put on the shower and wash myself. She comes back in and blows me to make me hard again as her friend walks in on us and just sits on the loo and pees. When with the condom it doesn't seem to work all that good, we just take it off and stick my dick in there. Fuck that feels good. We are banging the shit out of each other and then she gets on her knees, deep throats me and I tell her, be careful now, she asks what? sucks on and as I blow my load in her mouth she just swallows it all. I say, man, you a nasty bitch, she says, why? Girls from your country just sound really boring welcome to Norway! Big smurk on her face. Then I staret worrying about the not using a condom part. She tells me: don't worry, I have HERPES but no symptoms now so you should be alright.

WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!? Paranoid as fuck I get my ass home and wash my dick like ten times and call the hospital the next day.


Locations Visited: Bergen

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