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Eurotrip. Summer. 2005.

Florence, Italy |

Our time spent in Florence was short lived. However, during the visit we managed to see the Duomo, the David replica (the original had a 5 hour line to see it) and the only bridge that survived the war.

Dining out in Florence was a true Italian experience. We spent over 3 hours at the restaurant!

******{ Original Handwritten Travel Journal Entry }******

Yesterday we arrived in Florence. There was a lightening storm during the train ride so that was neat to watch! We are staying in one hell of a place here. It's a one star hotel. There is wiring outside of the drywall, mould on the walls, rotted out flooring and creepy rooms. We have a glass shower in our room that we share with another girl, so we had to hang a bed sheet around it like a curtain. This is the worst place we've had to stay, so hopefully it will stay that way! We saw most of the city today, but last night our roomate came out for dinner with us to a sit down pasta restaurant. It took 3 hours to be seated, have our order taken, delivered and eat. Eating took about 10 mins of that. Cass and I explored today. We went and saw the only bridge in Florence that made it through WWII and went to the city market. We saw the Duomo.. the Florence church (biggest one). We walked around and bought gilato icecream (twice). We've decided to leave after one day and move on to Rome tomorrow. We have a train booked for early morning so we'll be in Rome just after lunch. Florence was an experience I'm glad to have but it's not big enough to stay long. We went to an internet cafe today and posted a handful of pictures from earlier in the trip for people to see. I'm ready to move on to Rome.

p.s. the weather is getting alot warmer. (85° today)

Locations Visited: Florence

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