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Flew to Victoria Falls. Checked into Victoria Falls Backpackers and then went into town. There are people trying to sell you stuff everywhere and offering to change your money. Catching a taxi back was an experience in itself. There are always people offering to get a taxi for you. One guy went off to get us a taxi but in the mean time, another guy offered us a taxi which was already there. We just got in but as soon as we did, the first guy came back and started yelling at the taxi driver because he had taken his clients. He kept telling us to get out and get in the other car. 'We have a system!' he kept shouting. He took the keys out of the taxi we were in and refused to let us leave. We eventually got out and got in the other taxi and calm was restored. Later that evening, we went on the sunset cruise (aka 'booze cruise'). There was unlimited alcohol. Tried a thing called Cane. Apparently it's pretty cheap but we didn't mind it so kept drinking it. Ended up with a hangover but at least we got to see Hippos and a crocodile. The next day we went to Zambia to go abseilling, went on a flying fox and a gorge swing. It was 46 degrees (and even hotter in the gorge)! Every time we abseilled down or went on the gorge swing, we had to walk/climb back out of the gorge. Only ended up doing it 4 times (2 abseils and 2 gorge swings). It was just too hot and tiring. The next day we went on an elephant ride in the morning. Allie's elephant's name was Penny! There is a bridge that connects Zimbabwe and Zambia so we decided to walk to Zambia in the afternoon to see the Falls. We were taken by a local 'guide' to Livingstone Island to get a better look. Went swimming on top of the Falls. It's low river so it's safe. Can't do it when the river is high. Walking back in the scorching heat, we got very sunburnt. Next day, we went white water rafting and river boarding (that's where you go down the rapids on a body board). The walk down the gorge to the Zambezi river was enough of a mission in itself. Once down there, our raft had a hole in it so had to wait for another one. This meant we missed the first rapid. The first couple of rapids we were on the boards and they were really fun and not too scary. Got back on the raft and Allie came off on the next rapid (she was the only one). Then got back on the boards and Allie fell off again on the next rapid which was even scarier that the first. She felt like she was underwater for ages and nearly ran out of breath. We were both in pain from sunburn (the malaria tablets made our skin more sensitive) and we couldn't stand to be in the sun any longer. Decided to only do half day of white water rafting. Allie was scared to do more anyway. People have died in the Zambezi rapids before and she had already had two near death experiences! We went back to the Backpackers but we decided we needed air conditioning because we were so tired and sore. We checked out of the Backpackers and went to Mercure A'Zambezi. It was so nice! The next day we had the best breakfast ever. They even had a chef there to cook you a fresh omelette. After that, we went to go on an ultralight plane over the Falls but it was too windy so we couldn't do it. Just spent the day relaxing. The motel is right on the Zambezi river and apparently sometimes you get hippos come out and walk around the grounds. Didn't see that but we did see some Warthogs (a mother with her babies) - very cute! The next day we got to do our ultralight plane flight. It's so small we had to go up one at a time. It was a bit scary because it shakes a bit in the wind but got a great view over the Falls. Afterwards, we sadly checked out of our motel and went back to the airport to fly back to Johannesburg. Then had to wait 6 hours for our flight to London.

Locations Visited: Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Johannesburg, London

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