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South East Asia 2006

Nha Trang |

We left Saigon on Monday morning for Nha Trang. The bus trip was long and fairly uneventful. It took us around 10 hours in the end including swaps. However, fortunately after about half way the bus emptied quite dratically and we could have two seats each so that I culd snooze the rest of the journey.

Nha Trang is a big fat touristy town, but for that its is really good. Our accomodation is well swish. For US$8 between us we have a large room with almost double beds each [large singles i'd say] with real mattreses!, Cable TV, cieling fan, towels changed everyday with a maid to make our beds, and hot water in our en suite bathroom which even has a bath. Bargainiferous if you ask me.

Our first night we got some laundry done and sorted out our bus tickets [ooooh the chores of backpacking] but finally sat down for a really nice meal at a restaurant which displayed all its fresh catches out on the front on slabs of ice so you could choose your fish. They had red and white snapper, tuna steaks, crab [alive], squid, and lobster [alive]. In the end I went for one of their specials - steamed grouper in a spicy sweet sour sauce [but not like chinese] with steamed rice and stir fried veg.

Yesterday we went on Mama Linh's Boat tour - a bargain $6 +$2 entrance fees to places. We swam and snorkeled out by some islands and saw lots of fishies and lots of lovely coral as well. We had lunch, a fruit feast, there was live 'entertainment' [note use of quote marks], a visit to the beach and a visit to an aquarium. Fun for all the family.

Today we leave for Hoi An Up the coast. We will travel by night bus which will save us some money on a nights accomodation but is not likely to get us any sleep. So to kill the time until this evening I went on a dive leving Tim to enjoy a lie in and the serious time a part from me in 3 weeks. I did a refresher dive day which included two dives on two seperate sites. On the first dive I had to to go over my open water skills like taking your mask off underwater and removing your regulator which didnt take too long so I got to enjoy a nice bit of a swim #under the sea# [L. Mermaid] and to see lots more fishies inc. Angel Fish, Parrot Fish and Clown Fish as well as some corals such as stag coral, plate coral and brain coral. The second dive was very much of the same.

We're halfway through now on time but we're not nearly halfway through on distance. We better get our skates on!

Ta ra

Locations Visited: Nha Trang

Sounds like you guys are having fun! Liking the pics too :) - Was tempted to ask you to get me a suit but then I realised that a) I dont know what colour I'd like, b) I don't know my size and c) It would be a bit harsh for you to lug it all the way round SE Asia...... Anyways, just got back from Greece this morning - total debauchery for a fortnight, my body is totally ruined - need a nice detox for a while now! Had a great time though, will get pics up soon! Hope you're good - love to Tim - Claud x
Posted by: Claudio Martinoli on 23 Aug 2006

Clearly no planning involved boys...we are right on schedule! We are well jealous of your cheap hotel as we are paying nearly 18 quid a night for the luxury of bunks and shared bathrooms!! Weather has cleared up in Austria so sun cream out again! woo hoo!
Posted by: Sophie Magson on 23 Aug 2006

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