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India 2006

Finally in Madras (Chennai) |

We made it into Madras last night and met up with Amar's parents at the airport. All in all, not a bad couple of days travelling. We spent the majority of Sunday with a lot of Amar's family. They came over to play dress up with me in preparation for the party on Monday. I tried on the lehenga choli and it was beautiful, as expected. But then Amar's mom went for the big guns and pulled out one of her nice sarees to see how it would look. After a few lessons is putting it on, we decided that a sari was the way to go for the party.

It was then time to start with the next phase of dressing me up for the party: mahendi (a.k.a. henna). A girl came to the house to decorate my hands, forearms and feet. The whole process took about 4 hours, and in the end, I had to let it dry for another couple of hours on top of that :) It turned out beautiful though, so I'll try to put some pictures to show it off. They say it should last awhile!

That night, Amar and I headed out into the city for a break. We ran some errands, and then sat down for a nice dinner at a local restaurant. It was a great way to finish the day...

Locations Visited: Chennai

Sounds like so much fun!
Posted by: Noell Lambert on 28 Mar 2006

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