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Safari - Kruger National Park |

We were picked up from our Hotel and driven about 5 hours to Kruger National Park. Saw giraffes, warthogs, some squirrells and a tortoise. Not exactly the man-eating killers we were hoping to see but not a bad start. The bush is quite dense (reminds us a bit of Australia). The next day we got up really early to avoid the heat in the middle of the day and tracked some Rhinos. Walked for several hours. We saw them eventually. Had to be really quiet. Eventually they heard us and ran off. During the middle of the day we went back to camp to sleep and stay out of the sun. At night, we went on a drive and saw some Zebras and Wildebeest. The next day we got up early again and tracked Lions. After several hours, we came across 2 males and 1 female with some cubs. One of the males ran straight away (we thought maybe to attack us from behind - our tour leader later told us it is not the movies and they don't do that!). The other male and female stood their ground. Their growling was a really deep rumble that surrounded you. We had to slowly retreat. Our guide cocked his gun which suddenly made the danger seem very real and all of a sudden everyone starting retreating not-so-slowly (apparently a big no no). After about 10 minutes of slowly backing off, we were safely away. Now that was what we came to see!

Locations Visited: Nelspruit, Rivonia

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