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Blue caves diving and long night in Korcula |

The most amazing start of a day. You just can't ask for more. Open your eyes, jump into a dingy (aka zodiac and for the totally clueless – a small boat) and dive into the blue cave!!!! (the reflection of the sun in the water gives the water a very bright light and with the combination of different sorts of fish… well…one could only imagine…) after diving into the blue water and trying to get to the other side of the cave, I have realized that diving is not my strongest skill, so I jumped back into the dingy and returned to the cat. We packed up our gear and headed to Korcula. We docked in Korcula's marina and quickly settled in the fortress to watch the sunset. (see pics) after the sunset and some proper double vodka lemonade, a proper dinner was in place. We had fresh black risotto with Octopus salad and fish pâté followed by a large bowl of mussels!!! Me, Calan and our local guide, Yiannis, headed to the happy-house to meet some travellers and enjoy a civilized night of hardcore Swedish porn!!! Upon relief, me and Calan headed to another local pub where we've met with Lauren and Meghan and the beautiful bartender Andrea. Angie found herself a new boyfriend (see pics) and the rest of the gang watched and learned from the master on how to pick up girls...(almost...)

Locations Visited: Korcula

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