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Booze Cruise 2005

Lord and Lady of the Manor |

Kiril and I hopped across the channel with the car to load up with alcohol. We were almost thwarted, having failed to realise that the French are somewhat behind the Brits in terms of the sophistication of shop opening hours...

That aside, the sophistication of the French in all things culinary kept us happy: pottering around markets, visiting a cider and spirit producer (with divine creperie attached - we valiantly ate in the garden in the drizzle, no doubt marking ourselves out as stupid foreigners...) and restaurant hunting. We stayed in a superb bed and breakfast in Montreuil, housed in a small chateau.

On Sunday we joined the beautiful people at Le Touquet where we enjoyed a seafood lunch on the beach. The weekend was all too short, but since the overnight Eurotunnel fare is so affordable, this sort of weekend is highly recommended on a regular basis!

Locations Visited: Montreuil

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