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We caught the train from Venice to Pisa. We had a mix up with the seat numbers, which wasn't our fault, as a carriage had been closed. It made the beginning of our trip very interesting, especially when people were demanding that we were in their seats, fornately we had some people that could speak English who were able to explain what had happened. We stopped at Pisa and walked down to the church where the leaning tower of Pisa is located. There was lots of scaffolding around the structure, not sure if it was for cleaning or support. Graham and Nigel wanted to climb up the tower, but it was going to cost €15! Instead we walked through the church. We all took turns having our photo taken trying to hold up the tower, we all felt quite stupid, but we certainly weren't the only ones. There were many people and lots of stalls selling things. We went back to the train station and collected our bags from the luggage depot and caught our next train to Rome. It was an unairconditioned train, so we had all the windows open. We travelled through the region of Tuscany, but the train was travelling so fast that we couldn't take any photos. We arrive in Rome very late and then had to try and locate our hotel, its wasn't far from the train station, but it still took some time. We were very pleased that there were going to be no bells ringing in the morning to wake us up!

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