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France, Monaco & Itlay. 2001.

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The population of Monaco has the highest concentration of millionaires per capita in the world!! I didn’t know this before went. I remember walking down a steep mountain side road with my class when I got my first glimpse of Monte Carlo Harbour. Everyone was in awe. Between the glassy water and the sparkling clean white yachts, the city was just beaming! The city is built around a cove and buildings spread up the mountain sides all around. The Monaco yacht club hosts millions of dollars worth of gorgeous, huge yachts that are all parked perfectly in the city centre harbour.

Once we made it down the mountain we saw a man made ice skating rink right beside the water. That was really cool because it was hot out!

Everyone walked though the city streets and we got some sandwiches for lunch. I remember the bread being unbearably hard and my friends and I ended up feeding most of it to the pigeons with mangled feet. There are so many more pigeons in European cities than there are in North America. And I noticed that a lot of them have missing toes and all kinds of problems with their feet.. I’m assuming from the wiring and such that people put out to prevent them from landing in inconvenient places. It’s sad though!

Our class grouped together and went to for a walk through the narrow streets, walking in and out of every souvenir store while collecting post cards until we came face to face with the Prince’s Palace. That was something else! All of the draperies were pulled closed and there were guards outside so it was rumoured that the prince was in fact there. That was really fun to experience!

I remember also seeing the local Casino. There were nothing by gorgeous cars parked outside (vipers, rolls-royce, lamborghinis etc.) and fancy people going in and out.

My overall memories of Monaco are very positive. I passed through by train 4 years later and everything looked just as amazing. Gorgeous country, Monte Carlo is a beautiful city and if you’re in southern France you should make the time to go. If you’re plan on visiting in the summer.. make sure you plan for or around the Monaco Grand Prix! It will be impossible to find a place to stay!

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