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London - BBC Proms and Sue's dig's party |

My life's not changed much in the last couple of weeks, I'm still in a dead-boring job, but you could probably say that I've settled into it reasonably well. A couple of days ago I was talking to someone and the thought hit me that if I had to chose between having a fantastic job and having an awesome social life, for where I am now in my life, I would always choose the fun time! I mean, I'm on holiday and I'm loving it!

This past week has been another smasher, been to drinks every night except my cook night (Glug!) and Sue Barron passed her Banking exam (I'm going with the generalisation of 'banking' because I know that the exam has a proper name, but I have absolutely no idea what it is. Anyway - the exam that when you pass it you're officially allowed to advise clients, I think) So, well done SUE!!!

On Thursday we went to the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, which was absolutely fantastic. Although there was this rather bizarre piece called Birds of Rhainnon composed and conducted by James MacMillan that was a World Premiere. It sounded like every instrument under the sun in a cacophony of sound that I could have perhaps done without. I didn't know there were that many instruments out there! But the rest was excellent and we all felt very cultured!

The weekend was the best yet - went for half price cocktails after work on Friday and then Sue and I decided it was time for a feast, so we bought sweet and sour pork, spare ribs, prawn won-tons, seaweed, garlic bread and of course a bottle of wine, and picnicked Chinese-style on the floor of the TV room. I was so stuffed I nearly couldn't roll myself over to switch on the telly for the last episode of Big Brother. I have to say that for two people who have only watched about 30mins of big br. in the entire season, it was pretty impressive that we bothered to watch the finale. Brian won, by the way… This thing is truly a phenomenon, SEVEN MILLION people voted in only a couple of hours. Unbelievable!

On Saturday I went to go meet Keith and his friends in Hyde Park for his birthday, the weather's turned fantastic so it was nice to be out in the open. Then Sue and I went off to Putney to watch the tri-Nations Rugby - it felt fantastic to win (although I have to say mostly because we were with all our Aussie friends and so could have a good go at them - Charlie, that goes for you too!!!!!)

And so the great day came - Sue's housewarming. Planned TWO AND A HALF MONTHS IN ADVANCE, it finally happened. It turned out to be worth the wait and I think a good time was had by all! Sunday all friends gathered in Green Park for a lovely picnic and good dose of sunshine and then afterwards went off to see Sting LIVE. Wow, nowhere else in the world could you vedge on the lawn, play Frisbee and drink wine, while watching a live performance by Sting, (OK, watching the big screens over the fence)! The sound was good and everybody just lay back and enjoyed!

I'm currently reading Memoirs of a Geisha, which is excellent and I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good read!

Monique and I spent all of lunch trying to decide on some shows to see when we go up to the Edinburgh festival in a couple of weeks (v. excited!), there's just so much out there, apparently over 1000 performances! It's going to be SOOO good! So far we've decided on this Star Wars opera-type thing (you never know what's out there!) and well, that's about the only decision we've made!

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