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London 2003/2004

31 Dec / 1 January |

Wed. 31 Dec. Left home at 10 and went by bus to Trafalgar Square, then walked to Charing Cross, where we bought Big Bus tickets. Then walked to Westminster i.e. opposite the houses of parliament, where we boarded the bus.. Overcast and very frosty. We tried upstairs, but soon changed our minds and descended to comparative warmth. With commentary, we drove past all the places to which we’d walked. We sure did walk!! .Hoping for a river cruise, we disembarked at the Tower of London, but the queues were so long that we changed our minds (again) and caught another Big Bus and continued our ride.
We finally disembarked at 2 p.m. and went exploring to Nottinghill Gate. Found a Starbucks for sandwich and a last cappuccino, then boarded a bus into town. Des refused to get off in Oxford Street (!) as the crowds were too dense, so we continued to Trafalgar Square. It was already quite dark, and preparations were being made for the New Year party that night, with an enormous T.V. screen, bands, etc. Boarded a No. 29 bus and home at 4.30. In the dark. Tammy wasn’t feeling well, so stayed at home for Old Year, while Vaughn went to Calan’s party. We went to bed.

Thurs. 1 Jan 2004 Had a lazy day. Packed in the morning, then Calan came and we all had New Year’s Day lunch at 3 o’clock. Rachel phoned to say “Good-bye,” which was kind of her. Then Calan and Vaughn took us to Heathrow and stood us to coffee. They left at about 6 and we waited in the International Lounge, then caught our plane and left for home at 8.15 p.m, after a lovely holiday.

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