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Germany '04 - '05

Radtour |

Nic and Me decide to go on a Radtour, so we rent bikes and set off for two days cycling around the Bodensee. The first day we pass through Friedrichshafen where we stop to have a dip in the lake, the we ride on to Lindau, the views from the shoreline at Lindau were fantastic, we could see the snow-capped alps so clearly behind the lake. At the end of the first day we decide to camp just before the Austrian border in Zech, where we order pizza and wine and chill out after our strenuous day (although I got asked for ID to buy wine - only need to be 16 - and I turned out to be older than the guy asking me for ID!)
The second day we cycled through the austrian part of the Bodensee shorline, and into Switzerland, as far a Romanshorn where we decided to have a rest and get the ferry back to Kreulingen. After 85KM we were both shattered and didnt feel that this short cut constituted cheating!

Locations Visited: Friedrichshafen, Lindau Bodensee, Bregenz, Romanshorn, Kreuzlingen, Konstanz

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