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The Eagle Has Landed!! |

Right so after a long flight via Brazil Tom and I finally made it to Buenos Aires Ezeiza airport yesterday! Feels like we arrived ages ago.

Anyways so update on yesterday. Took us a while to get to our hotel because the airport is quite far out. It was easy enough to find our way to the hotel as we technically didn´t have to find it ourselves hehe, well not at all in fact.. At the airport we bought tickets with a bus company called Manuel Leon or something.. already forgotten how bad is that! But yea we got on a large bus which took us to the central bus station kind of thing and then the people there sorted us out into groups according to where we were staying and they put us in a minivan type thing with two other men. Was very handy.

So anyways after that once Tom and I had a bit of a rest in the hotel and freshened up etc.. we decided to go out for a bit of a stroll. Buenos AIres is awesome! There are loads of amazing old european style buildings everywhere, whilst you still get the modern and older more delapidated buildings in between, very cool. The weather is absolutely amazing! Very hot but like the sun was out solid until about half five or even later in fact was amazing. Hopefully we´ll encounter that kind of weather everywhere we go and I´ll come back all sexy and bronzed hehe.

Walked for the majority of the day. At the beginning of our walk we came across the massive very pink Casa Rosada. It´s the presidential palace where Evita stood at one of the balconies waving to her adoring fans. Apart from that was good except for a while we ended up walking right next to the Hipodromo which is the horseracing track in BA and yea it was all fenced up and everything so we didn´t see much on that road but oh well.

Finally anyways after our boring walk we ended up in this major park not sure of the exact name but we did go to the rose garden within it which was really nice.

After that we headed back to the hotel. On the way though this dude tried to ask me and Tom something but with our little knowledge of spanish hehe Tom said ´Lo Siento´which means sorry and I said ´No habla Ingles´... hehe if you can´t work out what that means basically I said Í don´t speak English! How retarded am I hehe.

So yea overall had a chance to practice our Spanish in the Subte i.e Tube, MTR or Metro. It´s sooo cheap to take the metro actually only like well 70 cents argentinian so i dunno like 25p or less even I dunno I totally suck at the whole converting money part I leave that mainly to Tom hehe.

Right to onto today! Not much actually so don´t worry this entry won´t be too much longer hehe. Yes changed the name of the journal today so that both Tom and I could add entries and stuff don´t know how much he will but we´ll just have to see eh hehe. Anyways oh yea just had the most amazing meal for only 4 pounds. Went to a Palliero.. uh thats not the name actually I´ve just forgotten what it is argh! But basically yea its a steakhouse. So good had these two massive steaks like literally the size of my foot! And salad as well as a small bottle of wine and a plate of fried potatoes all for 4 quid! How amazing is that! And it tasted absolutely amazing so it wasn´t cheap and skanky or anything hehe.

Other than that exciting part of the day hehe we spent most of it in the bus station trying to work out what we´re going to do. Decided to take the bus up to Mendoza (still in Argentina) tommorrow night and like yea stay a night there then continue on to Santiago on Tuesday. Why such a short time in Mendoza? Well basically we have booked tickets on this Pachamama bus tour which Tom´s sister Emily took before which is supposed to be amazing. It´s really flexible and takes us all the way down Chile and like yea we can get on and off whenever we want to which is awesome. So we may even pop back into Argentina when we get further down Chile to Bariloche and Patagonia. I really hope we get to see the Moreno Glacier but will have to see how finances go! So yea took us a while to get the bus tickets as Tom and I struggled a bit with our Spanish but it went quite well overall really.

After we finally decided all of that Tom and I sat at a park near the bus station and chilled then realised that we were right next to the BA´s equivalent of Big Ben! It´s even got Ingles in its name.. can´t remember it at the moment.. argh! I´m so bad at this remembering where I´ve been business hehe. But yea anyways it was still open so we went to the top as it is free! Got some pictures as you will hopefully see if I can download my pictures on this computer.

Yea after just had a walk around the more touristy areas where we saw a short Tango show which was interesting. Made our way back to the hotel shortly after and then had dinner! So here I am now doing my journal! And that´s basically it for now:)

Tomorrow is our last day in BA and so yea my main goal is to try this local foodstall item called a ´Superpancho´ hehe should be interesting. Tom say´s he´ll only get one if he sees its nice.. what a wuss hehe:)

Locations Visited: Buenos Aires

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