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On Friday it was off for a romantic weekend in Paris. Darrel and I got the Eurostar across and had a really nice, relaxing time. I’ve of course been a couple of times before, but Darrel’s never been, so we did some of the sights again, but mostly just had drinks at sidewalk café’s, great food and many, many Nutella pancakes!! We had particularly nice meals at a little place just near the hotel, and also at this great place up at Montmatré where we had a really scrumptious meal, but enjoyed it so much that we got distracted and missed the last metro home – and then had to get a cab, which we thought would cost a fortune, but in actual fact was ridiculously cheap by London standards to get miles across the city (I’m really starting to get an idea of exactly how much of a rip-off London really is!) and in a nice air-conditioned Mercedes too! We also managed to get thoroughly lost in the Bastille area, but somehow unearthed a pretty cool café that only charged £1 for beer!

After we got back I had the pleasure of tea with Aunty Anne, Shelley and her friend Mia at the Serpentine in Hyde Park. It was a beautifully sunny day and gorgeous to be outside near the water. The girls had a fab time on their Contiki tour and came back looking very healthy and full of life – which is good to see. That evening Shell came over for dinner along with Nic, Lini, Sue, Fiona and Darrel and we had it outside in the garden which is absolutely lovely. Next night I had drinks with Nins and Kate and then Angie came for dinner and I made a nice curry and then on Wednesday it was off to Barcelona with Darrel! Whew!

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