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Somehow I managed to get some sleep over the course of the night. I don't think Lucy got very much sleep however. After freshening up as best we could we went for some breakfast and a drink in the dining car. We were sat next to a woman who was telling us about Vancouver. We stopped in Edmonton in Alberta at around lunch time and we went out to stretch our legs. A couple hours after that we began to see a change in the landscape as we approached the Rocky Mountains. Lucy and I played hangman and boxes for a while and Lucy had a napp to catch up with some sleep. The Rockies started just before we reached Jasper which is a small holiday villiage which was really nice. I managed to get some Ibuprofen there so I should sleep better tonight. I took a load of pictures as we went through the mountains which have gone on for miles and we are still going through them as I write. Getting ready to settle down now even though the clocks have gone back another hour and we are now on Pacific time 8 hours behind the UK.

Locations Visited: Vancouver

Wow, those are some stunning mountains. Very inspiring.
Posted by: Deedee Laforet on 25 Aug 2006

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