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Day at the shops

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Before I begin please check out the entries from Niagara Falls onwards as I have added some pics at long last.

Starting to catch up with us now we slept in till 8:45. Did some boring things like washing and went for breakfast in the cellar with the news showing what was happening at home with the security alerts which really set us up for the day. The plan for this morning was to go swimming at the place we saw from the boat yesterday but having spent 45 minutes getting there we decided not to go in as it there was no pool just slides and stuff. We would have to have paid to get in the park and also to swim so we just went back into town and headed for the Yorkdale shopping center which is like milton keynes. Bought a book and and a Subway(sandwich). We couldn't leave until we had our Starbucks fix for the day so we had 2 frapachinos and came back. Just to polish off the day on a high note we went to see 'World Trade Center' at the cinema (happy days). It was moving to see all of the places we went to last week in the context of September 11th which made it very real for us. Anyway going up the CN tower tomorrow so some more good pics promised.

ironically we took no pictures today. Sorry.

Locations Visited: None specified.

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