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Wedding & the North East

We're getting married in the morning.... |

Well, Jon and I finally tied the knott. Something of a surprise all 'round, really, since I've been saying I'll never get married for most of my life... Just goes to show you never know!

After many, many months of frantic (& on occasion rather stressful) organisation, all seemed to go very well. The main wedding party (us, our immediate families, the best men and the ushers) all arrived at Redcoats Farmhouse the night before the wedding and had a lovely evening, with dinner.

On the day (Friday 19th) I spend from about 10am until 3pm getting ready (amazing how long hair can take to do!!!). The weather was best described by "unsettled", which put paid to our plans of getting married outside, but we had the wonderful Tythe Barn at the Priory in Little Wymondley, so we didn't mind (although the unexpectedly bad weather did cause a mad dash for candles to light the barn...).

The rain held off long enough for us to have a few photos in the sun outside Redcoats, and then to have a lovely journey in the horse and carriage to the Priory. The ceremony was split into 2 halves, a civil bit and a religious bit (since I'm an athiest and Jon's a Baptist...), and both were lovely.

The "Pimms & Beer" reception was mostly taken up by photograhs, to Jon's dismay(!), and I climbed a tree somewhat to the photographer's surprise! Dinner was wonderful - smoked salmon with advocado salsa, followed by lamb, and apple tart - and really beautifully cooked. Dispite a slow dinner (with long, long pauses between courses...), we still managed to get about an hour and a half of Ceilidh in during the evening, which was lots of fun. The band even did a special rendition of "Nothing Else Matters" (Metalica) as our first dance. Then it was back to Redcoats, a few drinks, and bed!

All in all it was the most wonderful day - the only shame was how fast it all went, and that I seemed to spend the entire day trying to talk to everyone, and consequently not seeming to have time to talk to anyone... The strangest things were being at a party where I knew everyone, and being served first at dinner, which was very exciting!

Locations Visited: Nottingham, Stevenage

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