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Trip of a lifetime

Feejee |

Just a hop and a jump over the ocean and we landed in Fiji 3 hours later. It was 7 o'clock at night and we stepped off the plane to 26 degrees C. Quite a change from 15 in Auckland! So we weren't really dressed for it as you can imagine!
Spent the first full day by the pool. We were close to the beach but unfortunately Nadi beach is not pretty.
Joined Feejee Experience to make the most of our week here. We travelled around the main island, Viti Levu, visiting villages, tasting Kava (Julie's new favourite beverage!!Lol.), weaving bracelets, Bilibili rafting and tubing down a river, getting a full body mud pack in a natural hot mud pool and then rinsing it off in the steaming hot water pool and generally having lots of fun!
Arrived back in Nadi and then caught a boat over to Beachcomber island, which is a beautiful white sand, turquoise sea, palm tree'd small island. So small in fact that it took us 5 minutes, walking slowly, to get all the way round!
Spent 2 days catching some rays (although they seem to bounce back off again!) and snorkelling around the reef which is all around the islands.
Then back to Nadi for one last day before flying out to Melbourne tonight. Not looking forward to the big climate change (again!) but it will be good to spend more than one night in the same bed!
Keep me and Julie updated as to what's happening at home. We love getting emails (sad but true!), it makes us feel popular!!
Love lots, xxxx L

Locations Visited: Nadi, Suva City

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