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Eurotrip. Summer. 2005.

Barcelona, Spain |

I had the time of my life in Barcelona Spain. I absolutely think that I've never had more fun in my life as I did in this city. I'm confident that you would be encouraged to visit Barelona by anyone who's been there.

This city has it all.. gorgeous beaches, amazing architecture, beautiful harbour, an aquarium, bindblowing night life, street entertainers, nice restaurants, nice locals, sufficient touristy stuff.. and all the long you feel in the midst of a real city where people live and thrive. La Ramla is the main strip where all the craziness goes on. I highly recommend getting accommodations close to it.

I met so many great people in Barcelona, people I have seen since and will see again. This city blew me away. I cannot stress enough how much I loved the time i spent here. Made memories to last a lifetime. You should go.

Locations Visited: Barcelona

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