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Me & My 20 Kilo Backpack in South America 2006



Ushuaia is the provincial capital of Argntine Tierra Del Fuego with a population of 55,000, it is also the southernmost city in the world.

The city lies at the bottom of Isla Grande, sandwiched between the snowy peaks of Cerro Martial and Monte Olivia and the icy waters of the Beagle Channel. Luckly as we arrived by air we were treatd to some breat taking views of the rugged coast, sheer mountains and desolate scattered islands.

On the 2nd day in Ushuaia we went too see are first Glacier. A 7km trek northwest of the town leads you to the bottom on Cerro Martial, where the Martial Glaciar sits on the top. There is a chair lift that takes you to half way up the mountain but we decided to hike. At the top we were able to see grat viws of Ushuaia and the Beagle channel. It was my first Glacier and it left me with great anticipation to see the huge Glacier in El Calafate, Moreno Glacier. It took all day to trek to the top and back so we had an early night.


The next day we went to the Parque Nacional which is about 15 kilometers from Ushuaia. We met a couple of guys -Mat and James from Chester - from our hostel and travel with them to the park.

The park is Argentina's only coastal park, we had earlier decided to hike up Guanaco Mountain. The mountain is just under a thousand meters above sea level. The hike was very windy and after about 3 hours we reached the summit. My highest and first South American peak. The blustry view from the top was fantastic and you could see for miles upon miles. We got back to the hostel later that afternoon and sortd out our boat trip for the next day.

The boat left port at 9.30 the nxt day and head out via th hillsides studdd with Lenga trees. We first stopped off at Isla de los Pajores - A Bird Colony - which was a large rock with normally hundreds of birds resting upon it. Today the weather wasnt so good and the guide told us that it affected the number of birds, i think thats what she meant. Her first words were "Where are all the birds". W did infact se several different species so all was not lost. The next stop was at Isla de los Lobos - A Sea Lion Colony - here the whoole rock was covered with a mass of sea lions, scratching in the blistering cold. A couple af sea lions put on a small show of a fighter which brought much laughtr from the five people aboard the boat. The final stop was to Faro Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse.

After Tom and I's eventfully trip with Lada we decided to get a bus back to Rio Gallegos. it left at 5am and we arrived in Rio Gallegos at about 6pm.

We had to cross through Chile so it resulted in getting off the bus to get the Passports stamped by the Argentian Officials, then back on the bus only to get off 10 minutes later to have our passports stampd by the Chilian Officials and the other way round as we went back into Argetntina. Four spaces on my passport usd for no apparent rason. Oh wll iot is four mor samps to add to my collection.

After arrving in Rio Gallegos we quickly brought a ticket to El Calafate. The bus left a hour later.

Locations Visited: Ushuaia, Rio Gallegos

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