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Barcelona- Berlin Connection

A new embark |

My brother drives me to Schiphol Airport. I have just had the annual crazy heavy family gathering, in which, my family who feels that they are all so very special, has had our yearly portion of consideration and family bonding. Well, we don´t even express our love through real physical hugs that much, we write ´memory´poems instead. Nostalgia isn´t the word. Trust me on this.

Anyway, I survived the night, I couldn´t sleep though.. and left in the middle of the night for the airport. My brother leaves me at the road, we embrace, i take up my bags and walk, feeling rotten as hell, to my next adventure. Berlin.

In my wallet I carry an envelop of a very special girl I met on my few days back home. I promised not to open it untill I am in the plane.

I drink tea, nervously, I look in a magazine about Berlin. Tiergarten park, loaded with people, big buildings. Will I find things I´m looking for here?

I look at the paper with the adress of the hostel on it. Take the bus, then the train to Warschauerstrasse, then find the Sunflower Hostel. It will be okay Will. I tell myself. You´ll find it, get there and then find your room, crash, wake up more fresh and start your roomsearch. I feel really shitty.

In the plane I open my diary, it falls open on a page with writing that is not mine.`´ With all my heart, that whereever you go, you may succeed´ Andrea. Wow, The girl from Chile wrote me something while I hadn´t been looking. My heart warms. I guess now is the time to open the envelope.

Inside I find a pendant. In it is a shamrock, a real one! And a photo of her, she looks straight at me wearing a sign saying: I think of you. It´s a greal real gift. It breaks the tension. A tear rolls off my cheek. I feel blessed and this journey with me.

Locations Visited: Amsterdam

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