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My days in Sweden

Gotenborg (na 70's party) (3) |

gotenborg was really cool. we were a wreck after the 70's party but got there first day -- universeum = a tropical park / huge aquarium / science playground... was really nice

second day... basically rocky islands, ferry ride... really beautiful (check out the pics) but we got stuck there so got back at six at the trainstation (train was leaving at half past six) and we hadn't eaten all day... so I ate 3 cheeseburgers 1 hamburger and 1 sweet chilli chicken in 15 min. We were like ducks. no chewing only swallowing

Locations Visited: Gottenborg

Oh my god val...your so hot right now!! :D
Posted by: Esther perenyi on 03 Oct 2006

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