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Barcelona - what can I say

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We had a fantastic time in Barcelona - we loved every minute of it, and managed not to get mugged. We ate well, tried some good red wine, saw all the sites in Barcelona plus spent a day in the mountains at Monserrat Monestary. That was the highlight for both of us - it was stunning. I never thought I would be so taken by something so religious (no I haven't converted) but it is built into the side of a mountain and looks down at the valley floor from directly above. We went for a walk up in the mountains behind the monestary with a Finnish girl and her Welsh boyfriend and sat on top of the mountain looking out over the Pyrenees with a very friendly Dad puss and two kittens sitting at our side - yes I know, how bizzare was that, we can only assume that he was Dad as there were clear similarities and they also had the same weird meow - it must have been Spanish. They looked very healthy so we wondered if they were well loved monestary cats (although they were about 6km above the Monestary) or whether they have learnt well from the Spanish pick pockets and beggers and know how to steal and beg for their lunches. Couldn't fault and would be happy to go back.

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