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Up early again for a quick bite before heading for Lester B. Pearson airport for the flight to Winnipeg. We caught the subway and then the 192 airport rocket to the airport. No problems with checking in and we left on time at 12:55 for the 2.5 hour flight. Bought a sandwich onboard and started to read my book. From the air the Winnipeg area is vast and extremely flat. It is mostly agricultural with scattered farms every mile or so. Landing at Winnipeg was again like landing from outer space as everything was so alien. We managed to get the correct buses to our hostel and got here about 3:30 (we have had to put our watches back another hour so we are 6 hours behind the UK now). We took a walk into downtown Winnipeg to try and get something to eat. We walked and walked and walked and could find neither a cashpoint or somewhere to eat. Everyone was either in a car or a nutcase going through bins or asking us for spare change. Eventually we went down a underpass and found more cashpoints than you could shake a stick at. Winnipeg seems to be underground because there are walkways to everywhere. We were so hungry by the time we got some money that we settled for a Subway sandwich again. So first impressions of Winnipeg are not that good but hopefully we can find something positive about the place before we get the train to Vancouver on Wednesday. I will take some pictures tomorrow.

Locations Visited: Winnipeg

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