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South East Asia 2006

The Journey to Bangkok |


Well. I'm back in Bangkok again. For my fourth time. Albeit the interval between this and the last visit has been several years rather that a few days.

The journey has been suitably knackering. I was up at 4am GMT for Tim's folks to give us a lift to the airport. The traffic was fine and we got there around 7am, two hours before recommended check in at 9am for our flight at 11am. Nevertheless we were able to check in our bags straight away and everything was kosha so we went for some eggs on toast.

Our flight went via Muscat in Oman where we arived at 21:30 GMT+3. I hadnt really slept a great deal but instead made the more sensible option of watching the in flight movies and eating as much free food [including Longley's] that I could. The transfer in Oman took an hour longer than expected because of another delayed connecting flight ut we flew from Oman at 11:40 GMT+3.

The flight to Bangkok was a little more comfortable thanks to the emergency exit seat that we were given but I still struggled to sleep until the last couple of ours - possibly due to the temptation of more grub to be offered at the showing of Mission Impossible 3 [which isnt that bad].

We arrived into Bangkok at 8:30am Bangkok time [GMT+6]. I tried to look cool in front of Tim and all "I've been here done that and bought the t-shirt dont you know". That look failed miserably as it soon came apparent that I was just following every other westerner with a backpack. The only point that I let my reknowned sense of direction take control [I've been navigating family holidays since i was 12 you know!] I ended up taking us in completely the wrong direction from Khoa Sahn Road [I still cant spell it] and had to shamefully get the Lonely Planet out.

We've checked into The Khoa Sahn Palace Inn which is quite a nice affair. 580 baht between us for an aircon room with TV and hot shower - we thought we'd treat ourselved while we acclimatise. I've already managed to spend a fortune in the short time that I've been here - around 2600 Baht. But on legit things like doxycycline [anti-malarials], accom, and our our transport to Cambodia and accompanying visa.

I'd love to give a nice describing passage about the complex beauty of Bangkok and its mixture of hustle bustle and grime. But i'm knackered so I wont. maybe next time.

The plan over the next few days is to take the bus to Siem Reap in Cambodia on Saturday at 7:30am with Friday another buffer day before some more harsh sleep depriving travelling.

Until then


Locations Visited: Derby, Muscat, Bangkok Metropolis

Hello Andy! Do I get a prize for first comment? Good to know you're still pretending to have a level of common sense above us all, when really you're just pure intellect. I had a quick check on, and they're defining £1 as 70 baht - does this sound right to you? Anyway, looking forward to an update at least three times a day, so chop chop!
Posted by: Daniel Waters on 03 Aug 2006

Hey! Glad you got there ok. Enjoyed the navigating family hols since 12 comment btw!! I've set up mine now so we'll be emailing u soon. A week on tues i'm so excited! Have fun! Sophxx
Posted by: Sophie Magson on 03 Aug 2006

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