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A Graphic Tale of Amebic Dysentery
It was 3AM when Brandon woke up violently ill and about 4AM when we started fighting over the toilet. Our train was to leave from Delhi to Jaipur at 6AM. This is one of those moments I look back on and have no idea how I made it.

Ahhh— the smells Delhi in the morning. The New Delhi train station was a 10 minute walk from our hotel and I easily gagged 50 times on the way. Being so early in the morning, there is a large crowd of people sleeping anywhere and everywhere there is space to be found inside the train station. There isn’t even a discernable path through slumbering crowd. We made it to our train and spent the next 5 hours taking turns watching our bags and running to the can. Let me tell you: Bathrooms on Indian trains—no so nice.

We arrived in Jaipur, Brandon tosses my bag on my back and pulled me though the station to the pre-paid rickshaw stand and shoved me into the rickshaw. He picked out a nice (read: expensive) hotel and we headed over. We were told the hotel was full so I proceeded to do the next logical thing— sob uncontrollably. The woman took pity on me and found us a room in the back that was even a price we could afford. A clean room with a clean toilet was all I needed. The cable T.V., pool and green space were an extra bonus. To other weary travels, I recommend the Mengwahis Hotel in Jaipur if you find yourself in a similar situation. We met several couples in the exact same situation as us at the hotel.

Brandon was feeling better and ready to site see. If I was as sick as I was at home, I would have been in bed. I didn’t want to admit India was already kicking my ass. I made it a few hours. Then I had a bit of a crying fit in the middle of a crowded street. In my defense Jaipur was difficult to get around in comparison to other places we visited. In the city, many stores and restaurants (including McDonalds) have fenced in areas with a guard who either opens the door for you or shoos you away. Once you step out of the safe zone you are on your own. Instantly, 5 rickshaw drives, 3 people selling stuff, 5 kids and 3 mothers begging, are on you all at once. Parents will see you and send their kids on your way. Jump back into McDonalds and regroup. Being sick definitely impacted by experiences in a huge way, but I think it would have been difficult regardless.

We did take in a Bollywood flick at the famous theater in Jaipur. The theater is a creampuff/It’s a small world/60’s art deco/ pastel wonder that is surprisingly well maintained. Bollywood flicks are generally not too complex to follow despite the whole foreign language issue. Definitely take in a flick while you are in town. Be forewarned that Bollywood films are 3 hour epics.

Brandon took in a community yoga class offered at a girl’s college (In the Lonely Planet). People were happy to have him in the class and explain what was going on.

Locations Visited: Jaipur City

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