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Chiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllllling. And some boring ruins. |

Okay I´m just plain confused about the date now. Not sure whether it´s thursday or friday or the 7th or the 8th. But if it´s the8th, it means I´ve now been away for a whole month!!!! Wow, how the time has flown!!! That´s almost a quarter of my trip GONE =(

Kristiano just sent me this email that brought back some memories. Did anyone used to peg playing cards onto the spokes of their bikes so they would sound like a hardcore riding a motorbike? And watch the Fresh Prince of BelAir and Duck Tales? Use slap bands??! Said ´I know you are, but what am I?´ (David, the amount of times I wanted to hit you but knew that you had thirteen times my muscle mass). Saved By the Bell, Sweet Valley High on Saturday morning.

Wow, I´m getting so old! Does that make you feel old mum?

Didn't end up going to the ruins. We got to the museum, found out it was gonna be like $6 to go to these four different sites, decided we didn´t care that much and left. Went shopping in Trujillo instead which was far hotter and more productive cos we found some Apple Smirnoff that cannot be purchased in Australia. Funky. I know.

We have dubbed the next two weeks a culinary tour of Peru. Ie. we shall eat and eat food oh god oh god the good food (danke Raynie for the detail on LA food) until we can eat no more. For lunch I had chicken lomo saltado and I almost fell off my chair because I made it so slippery. It was so good. So tasty. Mmmm.

Kristian got drunk like a chicken in a brewery. I watched because my stomach was about to explode and I had to undo the top button on my pantaloons in order to compensate for the bloated feeling. Kristian talked jangleshiat then passed out which allowed me to finally fall asleep.

Speaking of jangles, my hair smells good, like the shampoo and conditioner that this chick named candypants (as dubbed by my good self) gave me. But I am also wearing damn bather bottoms because I have not put my clothes into the lavanderia in one hell of a long time. Every time I need new undies I have been buying more because I am as lazy as a fox. And by fox I mean the one that the big brown dog jumped over. But it appears that all the girls, even though they have seriously juicy asses here, enjoy their underwear wedged all the way up. And so I am finding the recent purchases somewhat uncomfortable and difficult to wear on long tiring journeys.

Locations Visited: Huanchaco

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