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Barcelona- Berlin Connection

People with applecheeks, h&m, ikea? yes, Stockholm here I come |

Wake up. Im ready.
Stockholm, go.

Well on time I stand to wait for the train that takes me to the airport. Ai! A ticket, almost forgot the buy a ticket, haste myself, the woman in the kiosk is really nice and changes my money with a smile, buy the card in the machine and make the train by two inches.

Everything goes smooth from here, train, boarding, a last tea, planeride, some reading, planelanding in the snow,and then Stockholm airport. My god, it really looks like a big Ikea hall.

I take the Arlanda express and when I listen to the swedish commercials on the tv screen, it is a fact.
I am in hte land of Ronja rövertotter.

My friend Linnea picks me up from the station. I feel like being in a land of elves. And quite a lot of them seem to be quite.. snobby elves. Although maybe thats just the difference between Berlin, where everybody is how he is, and Stockholm, where everybody seems clothed like the H&M posters.
Anyway, we walk the streets of the old centre, have a hot chocolate, a lunch and then a wine in a cellar in the old middel aged part which is relly nice and I can imagine the nights it must know.

We go through the shopping mall, I have to pee. I ask Linnea what I should ask the man working there. She tells me something in Swedish, I have no idea, and I step up to the man and repeat what she just said to me. The guy looks at me as if Im a nutcase and points towards the back. There are toilets there alright. Linnea, what did you tell me to say? She says, you just asked him hwere you can take a really big dump.
That explained the smurk on the guys fce and treating me like a nutcase.

We laugh, I love her humor. We jump over the toiletgates, then move out the building again, but eat some samplestuff on our way out. We walk the city as if its an amusement parc, specially there for us. We go to the central square and I jump over objects occasionally.

There we meet my other friend Daniel, good to see him after Barcelona, (I know both of them from bcn, Linnea let me sleep in her house for a while before I found a new room, I lived and parties hard with Daniel when my girlfriend broke up with me.) Daniel is dressed up for his work, really neat. I guess that´s Sweden.

We go to a bar, pay 65 kronen for a beer!!!
My god. But really, my god, thats like 6,5 euros.
And the beer is not that big, trust me. 0.3 liters maybe, in the best case. So, as being in this amusement park of life in a to me strange city, we did something I had never done before. We ate a lot of food there, two good meals, and then when the bill was there, put one bill in as a ´tip´ and walked out and made a run for it. It actually felt good, the doing something which you are not supposed to do, the rush, the adrinaline and then the kick of living like scum for a day.

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