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Belem = boooring |

All the shops are shut,
And the sky is blue (and the sky is blue-ooooo)
We went for a walk,
On a sunny day (on a sunny day-aaay).

Literary genius from Bobbles and Gibbles.

And yes we did walk. For a good two hours, round and round the streets of Belem. NOTHING was open and people were non-existent. It was kinda eerie. The heat was stifling and we sweated out about three kilos each. Kinda ew. But lucky it´s not about looks. Or sex.

We did, however, see a fashion show - about 20 stunning (well, perhaps not stunning by Brazilians standards because all the girls are amazing but, put them in Australia and they´d have been stunners) Brazilian girls strutting their stuff on a makeshift catwalk, modelling clothes the community centre (look, yes it seems unlikely but that´s the way I translated the sign out the front. Admittedly, I don´t speak Portugese) had made. Bob confessed the original reason he got into fashion was because he enjoyed admiring/perving on the girls. He also had a bit of a rant about how he can´t get the male fashion channel on his Foxtel. Do you see why we all thought he was gay? Admittedly though, he´s no Pobjoy. (I love you Jason)

Myself, the Bobbles and Ryan all headed out later to the pub on the park. Ordered ourselves some Capirinhas (though Bob drinks beer cos he´s a man, baby) and made friends with some friendly locals who wanted to practice their english. The girl had a huuuuuuuuuuuge smile and funkylicious earrings. Ryan thought he was IIINNNNNN but turned out she was married. Uh oh, Angry Anderson was coming out to play. So we headed off to a discoteka we´d been recommended for Ryan to pick up (though he would never admit that´s the reason he enjoys going out) only to find Casa Blanca closed! Does anything open in Belem??! Ryan was narky and we had a big-ass fight in the taxi on the way home because he said that I talk to him like I think that I´m better than him. I was all like ´get out of my grill bitch´ (well, not quite, though that would have been Daniel´s recommendation).

Another literary gem from Bob and Gib - an acrostic poem:
B is for booooooring
E is for eeeeergggh (we couldn´t think of anything starting with ´e´)
L is for loser (Bob)
E is for eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh
M is for motherf*&king piece of eeerrgghh

Locations Visited: Belem

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