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Lima - Arequipa - Puno |

We left Huaraz and arrived back in Lima for a few hours. We even managed to fit in another experience here. At lunch at a seafood restaurant, we expressed to the owner how much we loved cerviche and would miss it. Within five minutes he arrived out with all these bowls. Yes, he showed us step by step how to make cerviche with all the ingredients. So, yes, some of you will be trying it on my return. Cerviche ala Julie here I come! You never know this might be the the start to me setting up the first Peruvian restaurant in Ireland!

We said good bye to Lima and made our way to the Peruvian Bolivian border through Arequipa and Puno. Puno is set on the famous Lake Titicaca. Due to a bus strike taking place there the next day we decided to make our way into Bolivia that afternoon so didn't get to experience the touristic floating lakes.

The border crossing was one to remember. Basically you have to enter a room with 5 Peruvian police officers on your own with your bags. You have to open your bags and show them your money. A little interrogating but fine for Eimear and I as we had no US dollars on us or hardly no money in general. The other three with us, had 70 dollars taken between them. They didn't even notice it happen! We obviously had the luck of the Irish that day! Now, to set you straight, we didn't get our passports stamped in this room. We had to walk across the road to this woman who stamped it for us. I would seriously doubt if she was even a police officer. Dressed in plain clothes. From there we just hopped over the border to Bolivia and said our final goodbyes to Peru.

We have spent exactly one month in this wonderful country and can't believe all that we have seen. What a varied landscape, history and culture. From start to end it has been great. All of you who haven't been, put it on your list!

Now, off for some more excitement in Bolivia. Can't wait!

Locations Visited: Lima, Arequipa, Puno

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