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Winter Eurotrip 2005-2006

Back in Frankfurt |

When we got back to Hahn, we had to part with Ellie. She was off to see her family though, so we were really happy for her.

Sonja and I decided that we had not gotten the most out of Frankfurt yet, and wanted to stay there two more nights to check out the nightlife. We went back to Stay and Learn, prayed that we wouldn't run into Latvi again, and got an affordable two person room with TV and bathroom. I love that place!

We basically went to bed the first night, hardly even bothering to change our clothes because we were so tired.

The next morning we got up and did some shopping. I found something for my dad, Sonja found something for her mom, we felt productive. I also ate another brat. I really couldn't get enough of German food. It was like heaven.

On our way back to the hostel that night we stopped in a grocery store to pick up some liquor for the evening, since drinks were so expensive at the bars and clubs. We picked out this fruity looking vodka, which was only 4 euros, and for some stupid reason thought it would be good.

Let me tell you, it was like rubbing alcohol. I've never experienced anything like it. We could each only take a couple shots because it was so nauseating.

So, it was back to the common room for some beers.

Well, we didn't run into Latvi, but we did end up meeting a whole slew of guys from all over the world who were being rowdy at one of the tables. They invited us to join them. And we did, of course. Stuart was from the UK, but now lived in Australia. There were three guys from Spain, who I attempted to communicate with in Spanish. This obviously became more difficult the more I had to drink, and Sonja lost all faith in my ability to interpret for her when we go to Spain in the spring (I'll brush up, don't worry). My favorites, though, were two guys from South Africa. One looked like Chris Martin (drool). They were both hilarious. Great sense of humor. They wanted to go out with us to the clubs, so we went in a huge pack. It was nice, because we felt safer travelling with a group of guys than being all on our own at night.

Well, the group thing didn't last long because none of them were able to get into the club (dress code). Sonja and I decided to go anyway, because it was the only chance we would get to experience the nightlife in Frankfurt.

I'm glad we did.

We had a blast.

It was called 'Living XXL', and it was crazy! Germans have really funny dance moves. Also, they get pretty rowdy - dancing on tables and the like. About halfway through the night I was approached by a semi-awkward looking guy who started speaking to me in German. I told him I was American and he smiled and began speaking flawless English. He told me that his friend wanted to dance with me but was really shy, and would I mind going over and talking to him? He layed it on pretty thick, telling me how intelligent the guy was, and handsome, and did I know he was pre-med?

I don't respond well to advances like that, so I told the guy I wasn't interested in people who needed a messenger for them. If he wanted to talk to me he could grow up and come over himself. (Blunt, eh? You have to be these days or people will never get the hint.) Right as I was saying this, however, his friend did come over. And he was gorgeous. And looked pretty mad. He started talking to the other friend in German. The friend laughed, said something, and walked away. I was confused. He looked at me and apologized, saying his friend liked to embarrass him. And introduced himself. And I was thinking to myself, wow. You're incredibly good-looking. And you're pre-med. Nothing wrong with that.

We danced, and talked, and Sonja had a great time too with other cute German boys on the dance floor. Basically, I love Frankfurt. At the end of the night Christian (who I was dancing with) and his friend walked Sonja and I back to our hostel (which was completely out of the way for them) because they wanted to make sure we got back safely.

We stood outside talking to them for nearly a half hour, said goodnight, came up to our room and ate some leftover pizza from dinner, and revelled in the events of the evening.

Locations Visited: Frankfurt am Main

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