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We had decided to have a back and neck massage (for me) and a facial (for Lucy) the day before but it was fully booked so we booked a time for 11am today. This meant that we could have a bit of a lay in and we didn't leave the campsite until 10am and had look around the shops before we went in. Lucy went off for her facial and I got comfy on the massage table not knowing what to expect. As expected there where huge knots in my neck which they paid a lot attention to and my lower back wasn't exactly pain free but it was OK. Half an hour later we were both out and ready to set off for Blenheim. As we were walking towards the van we overheard some workmen taking the mickey out of someone parking another campervan and they said "He's having another go, maybe he'll T-bone it this time". As we got closer to our van the driver of the other van started walking towards ours looking at it worryingly. "Is this your van" he said pulling back the wing mirror he had just bent forwards. Luckily he managed to scrub the paint mark off our van and no other damage was done. Lucy took the first leg of the drive through some tough windey roads through the mountains only stopping to try and lift a a sheep back in its field as it had got out. The sheep ran away off course but its the thought that counts. We arrived in Kiakoura again at about lunch time and had burger and chips (ummn!, fattening) and then had a look at the beach to see if any more sperm whales were there. Unfortunately there were not and I took over the driving to get us up to Blenheim where we were staying for the night. We arrived at about 4 o'clock and decided to book the spa which turned out to be far too hot and made Lucy feel faint. Later we walked into town and watched 'StormBreaker' at the cinema which was OK for a kids film. Tomorrow we get the ferry back over to the north island and we have one more night with the campervan before we give it back. We then have two more nights in Wellington before we fly off to Australia for 6 weeks.

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