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It's been a while:) |

Hello everybody!!!:) So annoying I found a place where I could connect up my camera up to the computer but for some reason the photos just wont upload:( argh!! So annoying!!Well will keep tryign but hopefully will be able to put my pics on in Bariloche! Fingers crossed:)

Anyways yes sorry been a while since my last entry! Havent been able to get to any free internet recently so anyways after waiting nearly a week I decided maybe it would be best just to update now in a place werhe I have to pay as opposed to waiting another week and having to update for two weeks in one!

Right so what have we been up to since Monday? Wella ctually I'll start with Monday night. After my last entry we had an amazing dinner with loads of salad, bread and gorgeous barbecued food! There was soo much but we were able to pretty much finish all of it cause it was soo good:) Oh yea we had Louise and Thomas (Couple from Denmark) to thank for the meal as they went out and bought all the food and sorted everything out whilst all we had to do was buy drinks hehe:) Tom and I had a really nice red Chilean wine actually very cheap but still nice, not like the skank you sometimes get for cheap in England hehe. Had a bottle of the local beer as well called Escudo which was nice. I am not usually a fan of beer but that one wasnt bad:)

Anyways so yes after the delicious meal we all headed out for a big night:) Yea lots of us were getting off the bus the next day so thought we'd have one last night together having fun:) But yep Jorge first took us to this place where he knew the owner. Was great because he was able to get us a great deal of 2 for 1 on Piscolas. Basically a mixture of Pisco the local spirit with Cola hehe. Not bad tastes interesting:). Was great having a good chat with everybody. I in fact ended up on the upper floor talking to Jorge's brother in law.. well tryign to hehe he only really spoke spanish so there were obvious issues with communicating there hehe:) Very funny tho he was nice and offered me one of his massive disgusting glasses of Red Label Whisky grose! Ended up sharing it with this Swedish guy on our tour called Anders.. did have to add coke to it tho. Rosanna the 60 year old italian lady travelling by herself bought me another Piscola which was nice, tried to give her money but she refused hehe so I let it be.

After that bar Anders and I were getting itchy feet and we wanted to head off to somewhere where they had dancing like salsa or something. Jorge took us to yet another normal bar tho so having not ordered any drinks Anders and I decided we woud go out and try find a bar with dancing. I thought everyone was gonna follow us but unfortunately that was not the case argh! And so the night began to get um interesting...

Basically went to this place called Apache. Was pretty bad to be honest. It was really big but there ws no one inside and the music was kind of Offspringesque.. hehe so not really great for dancing.. well not what I wanted to dance to anyways!But seeing as we had paid a taxi to take us all the way there we decided to wait a bit. We just watched the people dancing for a bit... then Anders started stroking my hair.. ewww!!! So obviously feeling ucomfortable I asked if we could leave and head back because it was bad. Unfortunately there were no taxis outside so we ended up having ot take a 30 minute walk home! Argh!! Anders first asked me to go swimming which I politely declined.. then he asked to stop so we could watch the stars which he would not let me decline so I had to awkwardly tell him I felt uncomfortable because I have a boyfriend whilst I was trying to free my hand from his grose grasp.. argh!

Anyways we finally made it back to the hostel to find some of the bus crew still up and drinking hehe (this is at 4:30am) Tom was already in bed. So sat down with them and had an awesome time chatting until 7:00am! Was funny actually because Louise was very tipsy and had a scarf around her head like a turban up until we went to bed hehe.

So yes later on that day hehe:) at about 12:30pm we woke up. I surprisingly felt fine which was great hehe:) Louise wasn't feeling so hot tho and slept for pretty much the whole day:)

As it was Valentines day (oh yes happy belated valentines day everybody:)) I decided I could call Andy for a little bit hehe, I know sad!

Locations Visited: Puerto Varas

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