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Although we have a toaster and a fridge in our room we have no plates or cutlery. Because of this we ventured down to the kitchen for some tea and toast. The kitchen was packed and we decided we would by some plastic plates and cutlery so we could have breakfast in our room. We then walked down to botanical gardens again and cut through to the opera house. The gardens were beautiful and we saw a lizard walk across the path in front of us. We also saw bananna trees and a tree full of bats. Suddenly from behind a large tree the opera house came into view. we took some pictures and went inside. We booked ourselved on a guided tour which explained the history and took us to 3 of the 5 theaters. We then went for lunch and out of interest I had a look on the internet for an acupunturist in sydney. It turns out there was one round the corner so because I had been in so much pain the night before we decided to walk up there and find out about it. Unfortunately the placed was closed for the bank holiday weekend so I rang the phone number to see what time it opened. Someone was there and I asked if I could make an appointment for the Tuesday after the bank holiday. I then mentioned that we were outside and he very kindly offered to do a session there and then. It felt strange having loads of needles stuck in me at the same time but Lucy said she could see the swelling going down as he did it. He then put cups on my back that sucked the skin that will leave marks for a couple of days. After session I felt great and resisted the temptation to run down the road. I have another session on Tuesday because I want to be fit enough to climb the harbour bridge on Thursday. We then had a look round the shops and I bought a new towel as I had left mine in Vegas (Yes I have had a wash since then but using towels provided). We called it a day after that and came back to the hostel. Tomorrown we may go the zoo or go on a boat trip round the harbour.

Locations Visited: Sydney

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